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Arcade PONG games

Arcade PONG games
Early Ramtek pong games
Atari PONG upgrade kit (Gyro)

PONG In A Chip

History | AY-3-8500

Atari PONG

Beginings (1972) | Arcades
Atari PONG electronics (PDF)
Home Systems

Coleco Telstar Systems

Main Page | Telstar
Telstar Classic | Telstar Deluxe
Telstar Alpha | Telstar Colortron
Telstar Combat | Telstar Colormatic
Telstar Arcade (Cartridges #2 #3 #4)
Telstar Galaxy

Magnavox Odyssey

Main page | Dating an Odyssey
Odyssey exports: France Germany
Overkal Spanish clone
Argentinian Telematch clone
Circuit Boards | Odyssey schematic
Cartridges schematics
Add-on games (1972 & 1973)
Apex-Magnavox 2-in-1 blue cartridge
Percepts Free Game
Spare parts check-list | Items list
Emulator | Misc Pictures
Odyssey 100 to 5000
Warnings about mistaken ebay sales

Magazine Construction Articles

Main Page
Electronics Australia, May 1976
Electronics Australia, July 1978
Elektor, Nov. 1975, March 1976, May 1976
Electronics Today International, Nov. 1976
Popular Electronics, Nov. 1972
Popular Electronics, April 1976
Popular Electronics, May 1976
Radio Electronics, June 1976
Radio Electronics, Sept. 1980
Television Magazine, July 1977

Other early systems

Executive Games (Story, TV Tennis, Face-Off)
First Dimension (Story, Model FD-3000)
First Dimension (Model 76)
Heathkit GD1380 (Kit, 1976)
Heathkit GD1999 (Kit, 1976)
Interfab PONG IV (Kit, 1976)
Universal Research (Video Action)

Misc Pages

Welcome Page
Main Page | Old Updates

About Ralph Baer
Who invented the video game ?
Sanders Associates TV Games
1952 Tic-Tac-Toe EDSAC Game
1958 Tennis game history (Video)

PONG Advertisements
PONG Rarity List
PONG Technologies
PONG Schematics
PONG Simulators for PC

Pizza PONG game
Humor PONG Animation

Allied's Name Of The Game systems
GHP Wonder Wizard

European Games Section

Videomaster (UK)

Main Page
Home T.V Game (1974)
Home T.V. Game "bronze" (1975)
Home T.V. Game mk3 (1976)
Rally (1975) | Olympic (1975, 1976)
Colour Score | Colour Score 2
All Star | Colour Shot
Strika | Strika 2
Super Score | Vision Score
Sportsworld | Colour Cartridge

Philips Odyssey (Europe)

Odyssey 200
Odyssey 2001 | Odyssey 2100

Interton (Germany)

Video 2000 (Cartridges #1 #2 #3 #4 #5)

Philips Tele-Spiel (Europe)

ES2201 | ES2203 & ES2204
ES2207 | ES2208 & ES2218

SD-xx Clones (Europe)

SD-050 clones (Europe)
SD-070/090 clones (Europe)
Other SD-50/70/90 clones (Europe)
PC-50x cartridges for SD-xx clones

Other early systems

Videosport MK2 (UK, 1974)
Zanussi / Seleco games (Italy, 1975)
DN 76 (Germany, 1976)
Mestron TVG-2006 (Germany, 1976)
Orelec PP 2000 (France, 1976)
Playtech Telesport (Australia, 1976)
Superlectron 2000 (Europe, 1976)
Tel-O-Kit 1753b (France, 1976)
TeleTenis (Spain, 1976)
Videotronic 2 (UK, 1976)
Lasonic 2000 (France, 1977)