The Strika 2 (model VMV8) was released in 1977. Like the ColourScore 2 and the SuperScore, it uses the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chip. It plays the four basic games, produces a black and white picture, and has the same case than the ColourShot. However, it has a strange feature: it is not possible to set the size of the paddles, nor it is possible to change the type of the ball rebounds. The system allows playing in two modes: PRO and AMATEUR, which only differ by the speed of the ball.

We could wonder why Videomaster released this system, since other models using the same chip offered the same games with more difficulty levels. Moreover, both SuperScore and ColourScore 2 allowed playing the shouting games.

Besides these points, this system has a nicer case and two detachable controllers (the SuperScore had two fixed knobs). Its successor, the ColourScore II, played gamse in color.

The box of the system.

The system.

The user manual.

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