P E R C E P T S !

Percepts (model 1TL802) was a free Magnavox Odyssey game originally sent by mail order to customers who registered their Odyssey purchase and returned the special "free bonus game" paper provided with the console. Although not verified, it is rumored that some Odyssey consoles included Percepts, maybe to save on the costs of its promotion.

Percepts was shipped in a special carton box containing a tri-folded user manual, two red overlays, and two stacks of carton cards (one green and one purple) in a zip-lock bag. The game used cartridge #2 provided with the Odyssey console.

Although this game is often found with Odyssey consoles, very few specimens still have their original shipping box.

Original carton box used to ship and the game. It can serve as container. Credit: David Winter.

Left: Two card decks stored in a zip-lock bag (may not be original). Right: Magnavox stamp, here with a particular problem. Can you find it ?
(Answer: incorrect year! The first Odyssey units were produced in August. Year is at least 1973.)
Credits: David Winter (left) and Nicholas "njb12287" (right)

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