Philips Tele-Spiel
Models ES 2208 and ES 2218


Like models ES 2203 and ES 2204, later models ES 2208 and ES 2218 are called Las Vegas. Both were released later in 1977 (or 1978) and were nearly same (ES 2218 is an improved version of ES 2208).

The ES 2208 uses the quite rare General Instruments AY-3-8550 game chip, featuring the same six games as the classic AY-3-8500 but with horizontal motion, hence the joysticks instead of knobs.

The ES 2218 uses the General Instruments AY-3-8600 game chip, which featured eight games. Simply put, ES 2218 is same as ES 2208 with two additional games: basketball and gridball.

ES 2218 box, not as attractive as ES 2203 and ES 2204 boxes.

Inside of the box.

Details on the ES 2208.

Details on the ES 2218.

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