Videomaster Sportsworld

The Videomaster Sportsworld, model VMV5, was released around 1978 and featured ten games in color. It used the General Instruments AY-3-8610 game chip. This model was the last attempt to use a dedicated game chip. The Colour Cartridge model came next and allowed playing more games using cartridges (which all contained a dedicated game chip). The Videomaster Sportsworld is not rare (especially in the UK) and has a quite cheap-looking design. Two versions of this console exist because of players' bi-directional motion: one with joysticks (pictured here), and one which has different controllers with two knobs (one for each direction). Obviously the former is easier to play with.

Box of Videomaster Sportsworld

Console packed in its styrofoam package

Videomaster Sportsworld and its two controllers

User manual

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