Panoramic Telematch
- The Argentinian Odyssey clone -

Another curiosity, athough not very rare, is the Argentina Telematch de Panoramic (Telematch made by Panoramic). Like the Spanish Overkal, this system is a Magnavox Odyssey clone, but in a quite different form.

  1. It does not use the many Odyssey accessories (overlays, cards, dice, stickers, etc.) because it only plays five simple and attractive games (in fact, the games people would mostly play).

  2. It is built in a plastic carry case, and is therefore easily transportable.

  3. It plays additional games that Odyssey could not play: Football with goalies (two vertical lines with holes).

  4. It does not run on batteries: it contains its own AC adaptor for use on mains.

  5. The 20+ pages user manual is replaced by a single carton panel.

  6. The controllers are housed in a metal case with no text and are hard wired to the system.

The number of specimens built is currently unknown, but at least 15,000 were made.
Its date of release and original price are also unknown.

The five games are selected using push-buttons:

  1. Submarino (Submarine)
  2. Fronton (Squash)
  3. Volley (Volleyball)
  4. Futbol (Football with goals)
  5. Tenis (Tennis)

The system also uses two additional knobs called "Control de Lineas" to adjust the position of the two goals of the Futbol game: "Izquiertd" and "Derecha" control the left and right goals respectively. The system also contains at least two additional daughter boards which draw some of the graphics of the additional games (see pictures). As a reminder, those daughter boards have a specific function: spot generator (ball or player), flip-flop (ball directions), sync generator (video signals), gate matrix (collision detection), etc.

Finally, there is no power switch. The game is set off by removing the AC plug. Only the red neon light indicates if the system is powered.
As can be seen in the pictures below, the circuit board looks very similar to the original Magnavox Odyssey one. Even the wires of the hand controls are placed like if they were initially removable.

Important note to collectors: the AC transformer of this system is directly screwed to the bakelite circuit board. Therefore, any drop or severe shock will crack the circuit board and eventualy cut some tracks. Only a very careful packing job with significant soft padding will avoid this. Should this happen, the system can still be repaired by shunting the broken tracks.

The system showing its five push-buttons and nearly same Odyssey controllers.

One of the two hand controllers.

Solder side of the circuit board .

Circuit board and its small daughter boards. The AC transformer is on the left.
The daughter boards on the top seem to be added to the original Odyssey design.

Circuit boards. The two additional daughter boards are on the bottom: the small
blue one on the right, and the other on the left, with its two potentiometers.