Tel-O-Kit 1753B

Tel-O-Kit released several kits of PONG games (and derivates) begining in 1976. The first models used CMOS and TTL chips, but the last ones used the AY-3-8500 chip from General Instruments. If most kits from other manufacturers had a nice external design, this particular kit looks really like a hobbyist project, especially because of the case, knobs and controller plugs. The system plays 4 PONG games either with the two fixed knobs or the two separate controllers. The buttons allowing to set the difficulty levels are placed on the rear side of the case because of its small size.

The system with its two detachable controllers.
The controllers replace the two fixed knobs.

Front side of the system with a nice decoration

Inside: a rather compat assembly

Rear side of the system showing the push-buttons
to set the difficulty levels of the games

Easy disassembly of the system