The Odyssey Album
- A few photos to see it more in details -


The console (upper), the plastic overlays (middle-left), the manual
(middle-right), the Simon Says cards (bottom left), the
chips for Analogic, and the cartridges (bottom right)


The console and its accessories in the carry case.
The extra games came into rectangular carton boxes,
and the overlays were rolled to save some space in the carry case.


The console (top view), with its two controllers.


One side of the Odyssey box (US versions).
Note the folding marks that were factory made.


The box of the Odyssey (US versions).


The box side showing the game screens. Note that if this version shows 12 screens,
it's the US one (the export version shows only 10 of them).


The Odyssey box (export version),
which has 10 screen pictures instead of 12.
The different Magnavox logo could also be
due to the export.


The US version of the user manual. The export version of the user manual (1974).


The Odyssey in box (lower part).
The TV cable and switch-box goe between the two controllers.


The accessories of the Odyssey in the upper part of the package.
On the top, we can see the cartrides between which are placed the different cards and chips.
Then, we can see the plastic overlays as well as the manual and some other accessories (score board, etc...).


The (white) carrying case of the Odyssey. It is used to keep the console and its accessories.
The overlays are rolled to save some space.


Instructions to put everything in the carry case...

A card for the "Haunted House" game


Screenshot of the TENNIS game.
Note the instability of the vertical line, mostly due to the noise generated by the internal circuitry,
and the poor quality of the components used. A better picture will come soon...


The very rare "Shooting Gallery" extension.

A card from the "Simon Says" and
"Wipe Out" games (US versions).
The same cards, but for the export version.
Note the three different languages used.


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