Super-Tennis (cassette 5) plays the most advanced Tennis variant released for the Internon Video 2000. It provides on-screen scoring using two rows of squares (one per player) where one square is added each time a point is marked. The game is somewhat hard to play because of the automatic serve, and also the increasing ball speed. A beep is produced when the ball gets lost.

The advanced design of this game required more complex circuits. Although a simple Tennis game could be designed using a few chips, the on-screen scoring required more components. For this reason, this cassette used two circuit boards: the Tennis (cassette 4) board with the main connector, on which the additional on-screen scoring board holding 17 chips was connected. A total of over 22 CMOS chips were used to form this game, which is also almsot twice the number of chips inside the Interton Video 2000 system (the Philips Tele-Spiel ES-2201 contains only seven chips, and the Videomaster Rally contains even less, hence lower quality games).

Super Tennis with a score of 2:15

Top view of the Super Tennis cassette 5.

Inside the Super Tennis cassette 5 (the top board generates on-screen scoring).

Inside cassette 5: connections between its two circuit boards.

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