Playing PONG on your PC

Some of the programs below were originally developped for MS-DOS. They can still be run using the DosBox emulator under Windows NT / 2K / XP / Vista.

Note that some of the games cannot be downloaded at the moment because they infringe the Pong copyrights owned by Atari.

A simulation of the games played by the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chip and its derivates.
Despite the poor main graphic interface, the game simulations are nearly perfect.

Download is currently disabled.


Ball 2.7 Download it (40Kb)

An excellent simulation of the original 1972 arcade game with variable speed added. Right player uses the mouse buttons to move his paddle. The other can define his two keys. Three backgrounds are even proposed. Discover them yourself !!!


A simpler version of the classic Ball & Paddle game for two players, or against the machine. Only drawback: the computer plays very well and is hard to beat.

Download is currently disabled.


An amazing Ball & Paddle game with VS Computer option (several levels), Demo mode, support for European and US keyboards, Amateur/Pro modes, variable ball speed and paddle sizes, and more.

Download is currently disabled.


PEmu by Jozsef Laszlo Download it (6Kb)

Another simulator of the AY-3-8500 games with all of the original options: ball angle, ball speed, paddle size, and even the hidden "handicap" game with three paddles on the right side. Several color schemes are available. Very well done, and ultra small executable. Only drawbacks: ball motion not as original, ball size and bat width not as original.


This package offers two games for one or two players. This MS-DOS based program will work perfecty in virtual DOS mode under Windows.

Download is currently disabled.


Square Ball & Paddle

An amazing Flash version of the classic Ball & Paddle game with a couple new features such as curved ball path, background music etc. This game will run on every machine with Adobe Flash Player installed. Click the thumbnail to play the game (one or two players).



An emulator for the Emerson Arcadia console which also simulates the AY-3-8550 games including the target shooting games. Gameplay can even be saved. Available for several platforms including Windows 32-bits. Other amazing games are available on the author's web site.