Our french cylinders

A french phonograph cylinder to hear each month !

Like several others, this page is a place where you can hear phonograph cylinders. However, we wanted to differenciate ourselves from the crowd, so we put the focus on french cylinders for several reasons.

The performers are french, hence french voices (opera, cafe-concert, popular songs, sketches, etc).

Pathé was a dominant manufacturer who made many cylinders of all sorts from 1897 to 1910, hence a large selection.

Many small dealers released Pathé cylinders on their own label or released their own cylinders, hence very unusual boxes and sometimes rare or unknown artists.

Some very popular singers also recorded on Edison, and since many collectors like the high quality of Edison recordings, we'll also show french Edison cylinders in the incoming months.

Cylinder of the month (January 2004):

Double Feature: Fragson + Mary Boyer

Previous cylinders:

    December 2003 - Re-scheduled in January 2004
    November 2003 - Fournets: Carmen - Toreador
    October 2003 - Chez un republicain
    September 2003 - Mercadier: Brise des nuits (Pathe 866)
    August 2003 - Vallade: Rigoletto (Pathe 207)
    July 2003 - Fragson: Le P'tit Cochon (Edison 17623)
    June 2003 - Rakoczy (Faust Damnation)
    May 2003 - Mlle Pla: Carmen - L'amour est enfant de Bohême
    April 2003 - Garde Republicaine: Ah! Si vous voulez (Columbia 37587)
    March 2003 - Charlus: Petite Tonkinoise
    February 2003 - Riva: Sigurd (unknown)
    January 2003 - Mayol: Amour de Trottin (Pathé 3927)
    December 2002 - Charlus: Viens Poupoule (Pathé 2344)
    November 2002 - Frejol: Un Garçon Tranquille (Edison 17918)
    October 2002 - Bérard: J'ai tant pleuré (Edison 17951)